Every child is a special one and deserves to achieve his or her growth and dreams in a healthy surrounding. He should not be devoid of his or her primary rights.

Charity for children is an encouraging step to help impoverished children attain and rise up to a better living standard.
You can be a part of the integrated growth of the underprivileged children through your kind contribution in kind or financial help.



Below is the list of items which can make a big difference in the life of our children:  


  1. Notebooks


  2. Reading books and dictionaries


  3. School Bags


  4. Other study materials like Pen, Pencils, and Compass Box etc.


  5. Clothes


Contribution to the community centres of Ashadeep:


1.     Sponsoring food for the children.

2.     Television

3.     Tailoring Machines

4.     Computers

5.     Tables and chairs

6.     Other household furniture.

7.     Kitchen Utensils


        Your cheques may be drawn in favour of “Ashadeep Association”.


Your contribution will be exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of the  Income Tax Act 1961.  "80G / 75 / 2008-2009".