As a step towards development and upgradation, Ashadeep has continued its efforts to network with organisations, institutions and corporates. 

1.  NASSCOM Foundation:

Ashadeep is a member organization with NASSCOM Foundation.  Under it’s Big Tech program, we have received Licensed Windows 7 Operating System and MS Office for the computers in our office.

2.  Credibility Alliance:

This year Ashadeep Association became a member of Credibility Alliance and wants to be an integral part of the movement towards NGOs transparency and accountability.  The whole process was an enriching experience. It will help us gain more confidence in our work and approach towards social development.

Ashadeep Association has been provided with "Accredited Membership" under the Minimum Norms precribed for good governance of Volunraty Organisations.

3.  Guidestar India:

We appreciate the praiseworthy work of GuideStar India, for providing a strong platform to the NGOs and help us share the resources and webspace.  The existence of the NGOs in the world of Internet is very essential and attracts more people.  We thank GuideStar India for their kind contribution towards the visibility of the NGOs.

Also the regular workshops and events organised by GuideStar India are helpful for strengthing the NGOs.

4.  Dr. B.M.N. College of Home Science:

It is a womens college under the SNDT University.  The college has always shown keen interest in the community development programmes.  The NSS Unit and the Human Development Dept of the college is associated with Ashadeep. The staff and the students of the college are dedicated towards the development of the children and the staff of Ashadeep, through various developmntal activities like Street plays, skills development training for the children and staff.  We are thankful to the Human Development Dept. for sending the students for Internship at Ashadeep, which enhances the skills of the students as well as the teachers in Ashadeep.

5. St. Xavier's College, Mumbai:

 The Social Involvement Programme of St. Xavier's College is of great help for the children of Ashadeep.  Under the SIP programme, all the First Year students of the college has to volunteer with a listed NGO for the semester.  We are thankful to the college for considering Ashadeep Association, as a partner NGO for the programme.

The children are getting good help in their regular studies from the volunteers. The project is having a very positive impact on the children and the volunteers.